About us

7 Stream aims at creating efficient and reliable IT solutions that will modernize the system of managing day-to-day operations in various industries. We are committed to achieving rapid growth and innovation with our partners and stakeholders. Our objective is to design, develop and deploy the most advanced IT systems in the digital world. Backed by a team of experienced, skilled and visionary IT experts, 7 Stream provides end-to-end IT services that complement the best interests of our clients and serves the purpose of simplifying complex routine operations using the most advanced IT technology at its best!

Enterprises in today’s digital world increasingly need agility, innovation and transparency to make their businesses competitive and ensure high end user experience. The transformation is expected not only in the existing day-to-day operations but also in transforming the business model. 7 Stream offers flexible delivery options that can accommodate your market needs and adapt to your definitive business culture. Every business is unique, and our belief states that every relationship requires a unique strategy. We understand the challenges customers face across different phases of the software lifecycle. Through our multi-engagement experience, we have evolved methods and processes to facilitate a collaborative harmony with our clients for new product roadmap, application management, re-engineering and third party testing.

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Our Vision

Established with an objective to provide IT solutions to various industries like retail, banking, finance, healthcare, insurance and many more, 7 Stream offers a wide range of services based on world-class standards.

The founders at 7 Stream believe adding value to people lives which in turn inspires them to transform personally and professionally and become better versions of themselves and a deeper part of the company.

We are currently providing IT Services in India, Europe and the US and we aspire to be one of the leading providers of all-encompassing IT solutions to various industries all over the world.

Our Mission

"Every new project in any industry appears to be a challenging game - no matter how challenging each level could be, you are always determined to win with a higher score at each level."

We, at 7 Stream, keep the spirit of winning your trust and confidence at every stage of our project - right from planning to execution.

There is always a fine line between understanding and confusion when it comes to delivering services as expected by a client. Meeting your expectations is our prime focus but exceeding them is our ultimate goal!

Our History


Here begins our journey...

Started Operations in Bangalore , India by consulting Retail and Healthcare ISV'S within the US and EU on their product engineering initiatives.


Our first major milestone

Developed a testing lab offshore for one of the leading Manufacturing ISV based in California.


Expanding our boundaries

New Vertical New Geography!! Started consulting for companies in emerging markets based in Middle East and Africa.


Entering the next realm of technology

7 Stream emerged as a boutique and one stop shop by delivering an array of IT services across the globe and catering multiple verticals.


Our vision is a long way beyond success