The new-age bankers, who are used to an advanced digital world of transacting, have different expectations from their banking partners and finance companies. With the introduction of new digital technology in the finance sector, there is a drastic change in how customers would like to access the required services. Banks and insurance companies are competing with new technology firms, specifically those non-bank start-ups that are offering highly agile digital solutions for finance, insurance and regulatory processes.

With the help of digital technology, banks and non-bank start-ups are equally capable of developing and deploying new connected financial solutions at a faster speed and are able to operate in a less regulated environment, when compared to the traditional legacy systems with strict constraints.

In addition, banks and insurers need an online platform to offer services whenever and wherever their customers need access to financial services. When the term agility is spoken about, the key factors that matter are pace, productivity, innovation, and flexibility for the vast majority of traditional financial service providers.

Leveraging technology at its best, we offer robust services like:

Legacy Transfomation

7 Stream legacy transformation services has helped the banking and financial services sector to modernize and constantly upgrade their products and address the issues of ever changing technology platforms. 7 Stream has optimised migration of the products from legacy technology to new technology platforms. We have a dedicated practise for legacy application migration and data migration. Our legacy transformation services include

  • Product transition planning
  • Design and re-architecture
  • Re-engineering services
  • Develop migration strategies
  • Application, Data, Database Migration

Implementation & System Integration

Our team is dedicated and responsible for implementation and system integration projects for the banking sectors across the globe. The core group is involved in setting the product ​ 1 implementation guidelines, product customization and to keep abreast with the latest trends in tools and technologies. This group is responsible for developing and implementing templates, frameworks, standards, reusable components to enable efficient implementation and faster turnaround for time critical projects.

7 Stream has a dedicated practice catering the following segments:

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Wealth and Asset Management
  • Investment Portfolios
  • Managing Card Payments

Our cash management module includes:

  • Cash positioning
  • Cash forecasting
  • Managing cash flows
  • Monitoring cash investments
  • Bank communications

Our security framework covers:

  • Encryption
  • Digital certification
  • Filtering routers and
  • Firewalls to protect against any unauthorized access

We focus on solutions that enable customers to restructure their current work-flow, cut costs and focus on staying ahead in the global market.

Along with our BFSI specific offerings that include various aspects of cash management module and a multi-layered security framework.

Want to know the services we offer in detail? Feel free to reach to out to our Technology Experts