Technology has been evolving with every passing day and healthcare regulations are constantly changing.

Impact of Technology

Today, healthcare providers are constantly looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance patient engagement and improve the quality of service. This age healthcare industry is adopting a “patient centric” approach to provide smarter solutions with better healthcare and enhance decision support systems.

Leave it to the Experts

We provide IT solutions for healthcare companies by helping them with:

  • Re-defining their operating models
  • Boosting the customer engagement processes and
  • Transforming their entire ecosystem to fulfill the market demand

Not only does our team develop and deliver collaborative solutions, we also provide cost-effective, integrated healthcare services in compliance with the ICMR regulations, and deliver excellent customer experience, with the application of the latest technology.

With years of experience in delivering seamless IT solutions to the healthcare industry, our priority has always been to enhance operational efficiency, reduce the risk factor and improvise customer service, by providing incremental and cost-effective solutions.

Over time, technology has become a key business enabler for Payers as they look to improve operations and manage cost. 7 Stream has been delivering innovative solutions to Payers to help them stay competitive and forge stronger customer relationships. Our key solutions include:


  • Claims management & adjudication systems and provider network management solutions
  • Regulatory compliance management frameworks for ICD-9 to ICD–10 compliance, HIPAA 4010 and 5010 compliance, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • mHealth solutions and eHealth portals for consumer engagement programs, wellness and disease management solutions
  • Data analytics and dashboard solutions for fraud, waste, abuse management
  • Business Intelligence, advanced analytics, enterprise data warehousing solution
  • EDI Modernization, Application Portfolio Optimization and Legacy Modernization solutions


Our portfolio of services for the Healthcare Providers include development, enhancement, integration as well as management of healthcare applications. We have deep understanding of the provider systems and the applicable regulatory compliances in the industry. Our key services for Healthcare Providers include:

  • Omni-channel population health management, wellness and disease management, mHealth and eHealth solutions
  • Revenue cycle management and pharmacy benefit management solutions
  • Solutions for Provider management, claims management, patient information and financial management, clinical data management, patient records management
  • Regulatory compliance services including compliance solution Meaningful Use incentive program, ICD-9 to ICD–10 migration and HIPAA 4010 and 5010 compliance.
  • EDI Modernization, Interoperability and Integration solutions through various standards like HL7, X12, DICOM etc.

Pharma and CRO:

7 Stream has been delivering collaborative and innovative technology solutions for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical industry. We have leveraged our domain expertise, internal frameworks and partner solutions to add value to our clients.

  • Gap analysis and implementation of Quality Management System
  • Regulatory compliance solutions meeting various compliance like GCP, GLP, 21 CFR Part 11
  • eTMF Services for trials on Documentum, OnBase, Vault
  • Rare Disease Registries, Adverse Event & Reporting Management
  • LIMS solutions, Clinical Research Information Systems, Clinical Site Monitoring System, Pharmacovigilance, PK/PD Modelling