In context with the IT related services, a product can be a piece of software, an app, or a business system. Product engineering is a consulting activity, which uses various hardware, embedded software and IT services solution for product designing and development. There are different phases of product engineering from inception to the end of the lifecycle of a product.

Why choose 7 STREAM?

  • The core team at 7 Stream Technologies is built with designers who come from various scholastic backgrounds with the expertise in design inception, industrial design and design for manufacturing. We start with inception, industrial design and manufacturing design
  • Our product engineering service involves all stages of product delivery: design, development, testing, and deploying.
  • We are also connected to a network of experts from different sectors to work together on various projects, in order to validate and inspire the designing process.
  • We ensure that our final product is efficient and compliant with the global market requirements, before launching the product.

Our team is ready to take all kinds of projects, right from the initial research to product delivery and beyond, and we work closely and openly with our clients on every step of the product development journey.