The retailers face a challenge to enhance the customer's shopping experience with the least waiting time and simultaneously cater to the needs of online shoppers with sufficient stock and on-time delivery.

Let us Face it

  • Around 78% of customers prefer to shop online
  • Out of the above, around 56% of customers complain about limited stocks
  • Around 10% of customers prefer to buy at stores and want to buy in bulk
  • From the above, over 80% of the customers complain about waiting too long for billing

Business makers in this competitive world of retail industry need to focus on:

  • Expanding their customer base
  • Improving the sales graph
  • Understanding the customers' choice of products and offers
  • Providing reliable solutions

To ensure that these requirements are met and to improve profitability, retailers need an effective digital transformation by replacing inefficient processes with robust operations.

There are many ways this can be accomplished:

  • Reducing costs of value-chain analysis
  • Identifying the pivotal areas of profitability
  • Emphasizing areas of profitable differentiation

The new-age customer looks for a truly multichannel experience and we, at 7 Stream Technologies, acknowledge this challenge by helping brands to provide consistent quality service – before, during and after a customer's purchase.